01 901 2014
April 2017


Irish Education Awards 2017
StudyOnline.ie has been shortlisted for the Irish Education Awards! 2017 will be the inaugural Irish Education Awards. We are incredibly proud to be considered during the awards first year. The Education Awards recognise, encourage and celebrate excellence in third level education in Ireland from both State and privately funded institutions. StudyOnline.ie has been shortlisted for the...
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F is for Phoenix: Rising from the Ashes of a Fail - StudyOnline.ie | BLOG
F is for Phoenix (Rising from the ashes of an ACCA Professional Level Fail) No matter how strong your character, that moment when your eyes fall on the word FAIL where your beautiful PASS should have been is like a blow to the solar plexus. Einstein says that doing the same thing and expecting a...
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StudyOnline.ie has been shortlisted for the 2017 Irish Accountancy Awards! The Irish Accountancy Awards is an annual event recognising and celebrating excellence in the accountancy profession in Ireland. This year a new category, Excellence in Education & Training, has been added and StudyOnline.ie has made the shortlist. Commenting on this, director of StudyOnline.ie Cathal McNamara,...
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BLOG | Continue your journey with StudyOnline.ie ATI
Are you qualified as an Accounting Technician? Have you ever considered furthering your qualifications, and becoming a fully qualified professional accountant? If you remain an ATI, you are qualified to work in many types of organisation and working at all levels of finance, alone or as part of a larger team and you can manage...
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BLOG | Changes to the ACCA
Back in October, StudyOnline.ie was invited to the launch event for the ACCA professional accountancy qualification. At this event, members of the ACCA discussed changes that will be brought forward from September 2017 and onward! Some of these changes include: Ethics and Professional Skills module The current Professional Ethics module will be replaced by a...
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BLOG | Rest, Reflect, Request
Rest, Reflect and Request – 3 Rs that enhance your online learning. Online learning is an excellent way to bring flexibility to your education. You can learn whenever and wherever you choose with a vast array of courses available. The key though is to make the experience as stress free and productive as possible by...
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