01 901 2014
July 2019


Prince2 Principles
[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] We often hear top sports coaches and business leaders being interviewed on TV and radio. The question usually put to them is – what is the secret to your success? Much of the time the answer is – I follow my principles. Prince2 is a project management methodology which has been formulated following...
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Construction Project with Prince2
Prince2 is a proven best practice methodology for the delivery of projects. The method is based on a set of principles, a series of processes (nothing too demanding) and focuses on scope as the main driver for project success. This provides the basis for best practice for project management and Prince2 is used widely in...
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Prince2 Manager at work
The Prince2 methodology has already been adopted and embraced by thousands of the world’s largest and most successful organisations, many of which have transformed their organisations and delivered on their objectives as a result. In fact, it’s becoming more and more commonplace for a Prince2 qualification to be listed as a prerequisite for those looking...
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Prince2 Practitioner Exam
The Prince2 Practitioner exam can be a challenge for a lot of aspiring project managers sitting the exam, and there are good reasons for this. One of the biggest I believe, comes from the fact that the delegate does not have to have any project management experience whatsoever to sit the exam. All that is...
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Bookkeeper at work
Business in Ireland is thriving. In the last week of May alone there were 417 new companies registered with the CRO. What is good for business is good for a Bookkeeper, Accountant and the Financial Expert. Key to reaping the rewards is a relevant professional qualification. So let’s have a look at the three best...
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