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About Us

Who we are

Cenit College is a multi-accredited Irish training company that’s been delivering progressive and innovative learning programmes since 2001. We provide training, assessment and other services to people in the public and private sectors across a broad range of professional disciplines, through class-based, blended and online learning platforms

Our dedicated tutors are all experts in their field, and they’re driven by one ethos – empowerment through education. We meet the needs of our learners through quality assurance and dynamic training programmes that adapt to industry progress. When you enrol with Cenit, it’s your first step to a better professional future.


We aim to make an impact on your professional life, so you can make a difference in your field . We’ll help you reach your goals through our internationally recognised certification and education programmes.

Our mission

Cenit College strives to be Ireland’s leading centre of excellence for further education and training programmes. We aim to be embedded in the country´s most important sectors, empowering people, businesses and State agencies to make a difference through experiential learning.

Whether you’re an adult learner returning to study, or a key stakeholder in a business or State body, we are committed to serving society by helping you reach your diverse set of targets. We believe education is the art of helping people realise their full potential.

We pledge to:

  • Empower our learners with the knowledge and skills that best shape their pathways.
  • Provide a flexible route of learning through diverse platforms.
  • Meet all regulatory standards and deliver excellence in all of our education and training services.
  • Ensure a learner-centred approach to our teaching, learning and development.
  • Nurture a supportive, innovative and dynamic environment for our learning community (staff, learners and other stakeholders).
Cenit College

Our Values

At Cenit College, we are committed to a culture of quality and excellence, so our learning community can thrive and keep making a difference. Everything we do is inspired by our deeply held values, across five main pillars:

Respect and integrity

  • We value every member of our learning community (staff, learners and other stakeholders) for the contribution they make to our collective success;
  • We will always treat each other with mutual respect and dignity. We will neves dismiss each other’s ideas, or undervalue anyone’s expertise;
  • We are fully accountable in everything we do, and act with honesty, respect and integrity at all times.

Diversity and Inclusion

  • We will support our learners’ and staff’s pursuit of excellence, regardless of their background or circumstances;
  • By valuing diversity and unique perspectives, our organisation will be stronger through inclusiveness;
  • We advocate for everyone in our learning community to realise their full potential.

Quality and Excellence

  • We are fully committed to the pursuit of excellence in all our programmes; 
  • We value a quality-focused culture — an excellent learning environment leads to a happier learning community;
  • We invest heavily in our staff development, so they continue to offer the highest quality in teaching. 


  • We will always challenge the status quo, to find new ways of thinking;
  • We will work collaboratively in a culture that adapts to change;
  • We’re not limited by what we know now — we are inspired by continued learning;
  • We embrace new technology as a tool to innovate and shape our dynamic learning community.

Our Learning Community

  • We are committed to the wellbeing of the learning communities we serve;
  • We provide a learner-centric, supportive environment;
  • We collaborate with all our stakeholders to ensure our programmes and services adapt to our evolving professional environment; 
  • We believe our learning community makes a valuable contribution to our services — we will always listen to others’ needs, aspirations, and ideas.


Monday to Friday 09:00AM – 17:00PM

01 901 2014



Cenit Campus
Shopping Centre (Tesco Extra) Monread,
Monread Rd, Naas,
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