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Exam Information


With Cenit Exam Centre you can be sure that all your examination needs will be met in a friendly and professional manner. Our staff will ensure for your experience to be as stress free as possible and if you arrive earlier than needed we have a coffee shop just around the corner and free parking.

Our facilities are designed to cater for all individual needs. We are wheelchair accessible and provide secure lockers to store your belongings. All stations are equipped with comfortable chairs and earplugs are on hand if you need them. Rooms are fitted with air conditioning so you are comfortable during your exam, and all stations are sanitised in between exams. 

If you have any questions that are not answered below please feel free to contact us.


Contact Us

Business Center

Unit 22 Tesco Monread Shopping Centre
Monread Rd
Co. Kildare, Ireland

Phone : 045 834 299
Email : examcentre@cenitcollege.ie

Frequently Asked Questions

What exams can I book?

Please check here for all examinations available in our centre.

Where do I park?

Students can park in the main Tesco car park only if their stay is below 3 hours long. For exams that will take more than 3 hours in total, including check in and out please park behind Tesco. Follow the Deliveries only sign when entering the business park and park in one of the available spaces. Alternatively you can park at the wooden fence at the beginning of the car park on the right hand side. If in doubt please arrive at least 30 minutes before your exam time and ask a member of staff for directions to the allocated parking spaces.

Is the centre wheelchair accessible?

Yes, our centre is fully accessible and outfitted with safety equipment in case of emergencies to enable quick evacuation of participants that feel unwell and wheelchair users.

Where can I store my belongings?

  • You will be advised to store your belongings in one of our secure lockers, however, please bring only what is necessary as the centre is not taking any responsibility for lost items. 
  • Students who refuse to store their belongings will not be admitted for their exam. Please keep your main ID with you at all times.

When should I arrive for my exam?

Please arrive 15 to 30 minutes before your booked exam time to allow for exam registration and security checks.

What should I bring with me for the exam?

  • Please ensure you have the following items with you:
    • Face mask
    • 2 Forms of recognised IDs. Please check your exam vendor terms for acceptable identification. 
    • Calculator where allowed.  Please check your exam information on accepted calculators
    • Clear water bottle, if allowed by exam vendor
    • Correct login details where applicable

What Identification should I bring with me?

  • Please check your exam information on accepted identification as each examination vendor has different requirements regarding acceptable identification, however, the below is a universal rule you can apply when getting ready for your exam:
    • Your Main ID needs to be: in-date, Government-Issued Photo ID, such as a valid Passport or Driver’s Licence or Public Service Card that contains a photo that looks like you and contains your signature. Your 2nd ID may be a Social Security Card, signed bank card or a National Identity Card. All of the above needs to be in date. Expired IDs will not be accepted and you will not be allowed to sit your exam. Please ensure that the names on your ID’s are displayed the same way it is displayed on your exam record and that both IDs have a current signature that looks like yours.
    • We cannot accept the following forms of Identification: Garda Age Cards, Utility Bills, Birth or Marriage Certificate or any other forms of ID not listed as acceptable on your exam vendor page.

Will I be allowed scratch paper for my exam?

If your exam policy allows scratch paper we will provide it. Please don’t bring with you any paper, pens or notes unless your exam vendor states otherwise.

Is there a space I can pray before my exam?

To avoid any disturbance please remain seated before, during and after your exam. A staff member will show you to a  room where you can take a moment of solitude if requested.

Can I remove my mask during the exam?

Yes, if you feel comfortable to do so you are welcome to remove your mask whilst seated. Please ensure to put it back on when you leave the room or interact with any staff member.

What happens if I am late for my exam?

If you are more than 15 minutes late, you will not be allowed to sit your exam and you will be responsible for rescheduling it. Any fees paid might be lost.

What happens if my identification is out of date, the name does not match, I have the wrong ID or I didn’t bring two forms of accepted identification when required?

In any such cases we are not able to admit you for your exam. There are no exceptions to this and failure to provide acceptable identification will result in no admission, you will forfeit your exam and your exam fees. Please check your Identification beforehand and DON’T schedule your exam if you are unable to produce correct identification.

Can my friend or relative wait for me in the centre while I sit the exam?

Unfortunately we must ask all participants to attend alone. Due to covid restrictions we ask any friends or relatives to stay in the car or take advantage of what the shopping centre has to offer while they wait. You can enjoy a coffee or a meal while you wait.