01 901 2014

Introducing New Short eCollege Courses

Introducing Fixed Entry Courses Delivered by Cenit College for eCollege

Cenit College is excited to announce our upcoming fixed-entry courses, which will be available on eCollege! Whether you’re interested in information technology, cloud computing, or improving your digital marketing and Instagram skills, we have something that will suit you. Over the coming weeks we will have 9 new courses that you can enrol on!

Fixed intake eCollege Courses

Key Highlights

  • Focus on Skills: This set of courses was designed to focus on immediate skills.
  • Fixed Entry/Duration: Our courses offer a structured learning experience with a fixed duration, allowing you to achieve your learning goals within a specified timeframe. Unlike the other eCollege courses which run on a continuous basis, there will be no need to worry about long commitments or indefinite timelines.
  • Statement of Completion: Upon completing a course, participants will receive a statement of completion from Cenit College and eCollege, recognising success.
  • Live Virtual Classes: A series of Tutor-run live classes on weekdays.
  • No Cost to Join: Start this learning journey at no cost!

Our Course Offerings

Course Description Duration
Certified Support Technician Networking
Gain expertise in networking fundamentals, preparing you for a career in IT support.
Certified Support Technician Cybersecurity
Learn cybersecurity fundamentals and protect against digital threats in this comprehensive course.
AWS Cloud Practitioner
Dive into Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing essentials and prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam.
Online Learning Skills
Equip yourself with the tools required to progress with online learning.
Introduction to HTML and CSS
 Learn the building blocks of web development with HTML and CSS, opening doors to the world of web design.
Introduction to PowerBI
Learn about the power of data visualisation and analysis with Microsoft Power BI, transforming raw data into insights.
Instagram for Business and Individuals
Discover how to leverage Instagram for marketing and personal branding, reaching your target audience effectively.
Introduction to Digital Marketing
Explore the fundamentals of digital marketing strategies, including SEO, social media, and content marketing.

Sign up today

You can sign up to any of the fixed courses through our partners at eCollege. These courses are fully funded and are free to enrol on. All you need is to be a resident of Ireland with a PPSN number. Visit the eCollege site and search for the course you’d like to take and then apply.