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May 2017


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  A career in finance may not sound appealing to a lot of people as their perception of this occupation may relate to words such as: boring, dull or lonesome. To say the least: this is not true. This perception is outdated and wrong! Modern accountancy and finance can be a fantastic career choice that...
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Irish Education Awards
Finalists at the Education Awards 2017 The Irish Education Awards were held last night in the Ballsbridge Hotel, Dublin 4. Another awards blog! We really are keeping busy lately, aren’t we? The Education Awards recognise, encourage and celebrate excellence in third level education in Ireland from both State and privately funded institutions. And, as  StudyOnline.ie...
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What You Need to Know about PER
Becoming an ACCA accountant takes more than just passing exams. You need to show you can apply what you’re learning in a professional environment. That’s why the PER (Professional Experience Requirement) exists. The PER is 36-months of relevant work experience in an accounting/accounts-related position where you complete 9 performance objectives and can prove your effectiveness...
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Irish Accountancy Awards Results
The Irish Accountancy Awards were last night. The Irish Accountancy Awards is an annual event recognising and celebrating excellence in the accountancy profession in Ireland. And, as StudyOnline.ie were finalists for an award in Excellence in Education & Training, we were excited to go. Attending the awards on behalf of StudyOnline.ie was Director Cathal McNamara,...
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Rice Cake Accountant - Blog
Rice Cake Accountant – A Carefully Selected Recipe For A Perfect Accountant Since the beginning of time societies across the world consisted of groups of people who, depending on their abilities and interests, collected together into guilds and trades. Together the guilds functioned as a community and cooperated with one another by mutually providing products...
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Apple Pay and Android Pay
With technology being more prevalent and more intuitive than ever, it makes sense that smartphones would be leading us into the future. With things like contactless payments, and now phone payments, spending money has never been easier. Phone providers like Apple and Android are of course on top of the game, with their Pay services,...
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5 Best International Accounting Work Experience Destinations
Warmer weather and a stretch in the evening makes you think about plans for the summer. It’s also the time of the year many aspiring accountants would start thinking about opportunities to gain some hands on work experience. Why not make a virtue of necessity and try to find an internship or a job abroad?...
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