01 901 2014

Rest, Reflect and Request

Rest, Reflect and Request – 3 Rs that enhance your online learning.

Online learning is an excellent way to bring flexibility to your education. You can learn whenever and wherever you choose with a vast array of courses available. The key though is to make the experience as stress free and productive as possible by shrewdly managing your approach. Here are our tips for ensuring the best possible outcomes.



It is vital that you take regular breaks. Your online learning schedule is not imposed by others as it would be in a classroom environment. You might be inclined to work on without resting, thinking that you are achieving the most in the time you have allotted. In fact, taking regular breaks, like 10 minutes in every hour, ensures that your mind is alert and receptive as well as allowing you to set achievable goals for each session which enhances your productivity.


As an independent learner, you must have a plan. You also need to be able to adjust that plan as you advance. At the beginning of any course you cannot possibly know exactly how long each task will take or which ones will challenge you most. Taking the time to reflect on your progress to date and the tasks still to come is crucial: it stops you from straying from the focus of your course and encourages you to be realistic about what needs to be done next and how. Take time for reflection and review at regular intervals during your journey.


Being an independent learner does not mean being alone. Your online course will have a support system in place and you should use it regularly. Ask for assistance when you need it: do not waste your precious time struggling when support is on hand awaiting your request.

Your online learning experience can be rewarding and enjoyable if you follow these basic tips.

Make it so!