01 901 2014
August 2017


Speak Audit- pass your ACCA P7
Based on feedback from students, one of the most difficult aspects of the ACCA P7 exam is developing an answer that will score well. Knowledge of auditing standards and accounting standards alone does not guarantee a student a good grade. In addition to this knowledge, a P7 candidate is expected to be able to succinctly...
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CPA open book exam
Open Book exams are something every CPA student entering P2 stage have to learn how to tackle. Our lecturer Colm Foley is no stranger to open book exams as he himself had to sit 4 of them in his student years. Needless to say, he passed them all first time and is now teaching others...
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CPA P1 managerial finance exam tips
We have analysed the most recent Educator’s Briefing on CPA P1 Managerial Finance to help do your absolute best in your forthcoming exam. Read through these 4 pointers to know how to apply and present your knowledge in the exam. These tips can also be applied to all other exams so read on carefully! Four...
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ACCA understands that accountants must adapt to modern dynamics of work and acclimatize themselves to new prospects of their position in today’s business world.  The Best Path for the Future The ACCA is a globally recognised accounting body known for making sure their members remain on top of current and future trends within business and...
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5 Tips for professional exam
The expectations of an accountant have changed over recent years. It is no longer acceptable just to be able to crunch the numbers. You need to be able to advise, plan, interpret, drive and motivate. The key skill that binds all of these is communication and great communication skills start right now in your examination...
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