01 901 2014
March 2017


BLOG| The DOs and DON'Ts of Studying Online
Studying online can seem both liberating and daunting. You can study whenever you want, and however you choose! But you do have to be the one to set time aside, and make yourself work. It can be hard work! It’s also so easy to slip up or forget. We all have the best intentions, but...
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BLOG | Block Social Media
Sometimes, getting work done is hard. You can plan out everything you need to do, but distractions happen. Some you can’t control. Others, like wasting time on Facebook, you can. Sometimes, we don’t mean to open Facebook but we do, out of habit. Or what is meant to be a “quick look” turns into a...
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Sample Bullet Journal
Unless you’re one of those people who came into the world with a notepad and pens, to-do list ready to go, you could probably do with being more organised. That isn’t a bad thing! We could all do with being more organised. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve wanted to be! But no matter...
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Getting Things Done
If you liked our last blog, on the Bullet Journals, but wanted something a bit more in-depth, here is the next installment of our productivity blogs. This one is everything you need to know about Getting Things Done. Getting Things Done Getting Things Done is a book by David Allen, detailing the time management method....
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Next in our Productivity/How To Be More Organised series is how to actually DO the things you’ve planned and written down. It’s all well and good to plan and to schedule but it’s another thing altogether to sit down and do them. And if you’re a procrastinator or just unsure where to begin, these tips will...
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5 Exam Tips every ACCA student must know
Acing that exam If you are at the Professional Level in ACCA and your exam is just around the corner, you are probably quite comfortable with the material by now. For many, the biggest challenge is presenting your knowledge in the best way to get the most marks for your precious exam time. I want...
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