01 901 2014

How Online Learning Supports Your Learning Style

What do you call the opposite of a light bulb moment?

Well I’m not sure what the phrase is, but I do know we’ve all had a few of them. That awful moment when you start to read a topic for the fourth time and it just won’t sink in. While your confidence hits the floor and you think maybe you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, the truth is you’re probably not embracing your best learning style. In fact, many of us don’t even know what our learning style is!

As a lecturer I want to connect with my learners. And as a learner myself I want to connect with the subject. Online learning offers the opportunity to make that connection using your very best learning technique.

Solitary or Social Learner:

Let’s take it from the top; are you a solitary or a social learner? Online you can go solo with a tutor on hand for the tricky bits or, if you are the community type, you can embrace the group through messaging and discussion forums.

Taking it to the next level, if you are a visual or an auditory learner you have both text and video. The logical learner will enjoy the past paper analysis and tutor-led worked examples. Kinesthetic learners can take it mobile and study in short bursts, easily coming back to where they left off. You definitely can’t do that in your traditional classroom! Of course if you feel that you are a mix of the above styles, online gives you the flexibility you need to satisfy your unique style anywhere, anytime.

Different brain functions:

Remember too that different learning techniques use different parts of your brain through different brain functions, and that gives you a competitive edge in your ACCA, CPA or AAT exam prep.

The amazing tool that is online learning has revitalized the way I connect as a lecturer and as a learner. If you would like to transform the way you prepare for exam success, online learning is the way to go. Enjoy!