01 901 2014

Just qualified as an Accountant? Seize the day- You will never be as employable again!

It is a very proud time for us at StudyOnline.ie when our learners become newly qualified and move on successfully to the next phase of their career.

The next two months are key in terms of Financial Recruitment. As a recently qualified accountant, you need to gather as much information as you can in order to make the best possible choices for your future. This is your time to make all those hours of study and hard work count for you.

Over the weekend we asked Ed Heffernan, Managing Partner at Barden Ireland, what advice he had for you and he said:

“As a recently qualified accountant you have the world at your feet – you will never be as employable again, will never have the same variety of opportunity and never have access to the same volume of roles. Making informed career decisions at this key time is critical.”

Moreover, Ed and his team have created ‘The Newly Qualified Guide’ which we would like to share here with you.


We have been delighted to share in your journey to date and look forward to working with our current learners to bring them to the same successful outcome. So for now from us, with respect and appreciation: Seize Your Day.