01 901 2014

Cenit College Learning Platform Update

Cenit College Learning Platform Update

We’re excited to share some more learning platform changes with you: the upcoming update to our Cenit College Learning Platform is just around the corner! Get ready to experience a range of modern changes that will enhance your learning journey as an existing student.

New Design

Firstly, we have made major improvements to the learning platform’s main appearance. With bigger activity buttons and fresh, intuitive icons, the user interface has been crafted for a better learning experience.

Cenit College Learning Platform screenshot of the new interface


Cenit College Learning Platform screenshot of the side navigation menu

Navigating through your courses will be easier with our simplified navigation panel, viewable on every page. Seamlessly move between activities, ensuring a seamless flow throughout your learning journey.


Cenit College Learning Platform screenshot of the resume button
Cenit College Learning Platform screenshot of the progress bars for each topic

Ever wished you could pick up where you left off? Now you can! Our platform allows you to return to the last activity you were engaged in when you last logged in, ensuring a seamless continuation of your learning experience.

Keeping track of your progress has been easier in this newest update. You can now view your progress within each week or topic to gain a better understanding of your achievements and milestones.

Mobile Devices

Cenit College Learning Platform screenshot of the interface in Mobile

We understand the importance of mobile and tablet use. That’s why we’ve implemented significant design improvements to ensure a consistent and enjoyable learning experience across all your devices.


WCAG 2.1 AA Conformity

But that’s not all. We take accessibility seriously, and with our adoption of Moodle 4.2, our platform now aligns with the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1 AA). Ensuring that our learning platform is inclusive and accessible to all is our top priority at Cenit College.

And there’s even more good news. In addition to these exciting updates, we’ll be launching our Learner Support Hub very soon. As an existing student, you’ll have access to a treasure trove of free resources and tools, designed to support your learning journey.

We can’t wait for you to experience the latest enhancements coming to our Learning Platform. Get ready to embark on a more intuitive, engaging, and inclusive learning adventure with us. Stay tuned for further updates!