01 901 2014

6 Tips on how to get back to study after Christmas break

Christmas is something many people are looking forward to not only as a time to meet with your loved ones but also as a long deserved few days off when you  can get cosy in front of TV and eat all those chocolates from the selection box without any regrets. But 2017 has come with a bang and we wanted to offer some tips for all our students getting back to their busy schedules.


  • One step at a time


To avoid a total shock to your system from a comfortable sofa to a day full of the usual commitments try to ease into it by preparing ahead of time. Try to take some pressure off the first day back at work by preparing your outfit a night before. If you are usually bringing your lunch to work perhaps doing some grocery shopping and preparing your lunch a day before will help with getting back into the swing of things.


  • Get your sleep fix


First few days back may be difficult as you probably gotten used to staying up late and catching up on the most recent boxsets. Try to go to bed a little bit earlier each night. This should help you to stay alert long into the evening.


  • Eat well


Ok, enough with holiday snacking! It’s time to put away that pack of jelly beans and find some good food for the mind. Nuts, leafy greens and berries like walnuts, baby spinach and blueberries should find its place on your plate again to enhance your ability to concentrate and absorb information.


  • Take breaks


Avoiding distractions just after you are back from holidays or a study break can be difficult. Try to switch off your mobile devices to reduce the amount of time you will check your Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat profiles. Take breaks to make yourself a cup of tea and walk around for a while if you feel you are not productive.


  • Get back on schedule with your studies


It’s not only the time to get back to work but also your books!

Sit down and look through the syllabus and the amount of material each part of the syllabus would contain. This will give you a good idea of how much work you will need to put in into each section and will allow you set up a rough deadline as to when can you expect to finish the module.

In order to get serious about your study you will need to set up a schedule and mark all important milestones like finishing a section or going to the next chapter. That will definitely keep you on track.


  • Make study a habit


Remember: Practice makes perfect. This includes the art of study itself. The more often you attempt to sit down and learn, the better outcomes you will achieve. Every time this happens and you notice the improvement, reward yourself for the good job you’re doing! Treats and rewards such as a glass of wine or buying something nice for yourself will help you stay motivated and will get you to look forward to something.